Once we finish a project's engineering and manufacturing phases, we perform the final inspections and assembly. We offer assembly and installation as part of our end-to-end fabrication solutions for businesses in all of the industries we serve.

Depending on your specifications, we can assemble as many of your parts as needed to deliver the results you require. Our capabilities include:

  • Trial fit assembly: During trial fit assembly, we test a project's performance and assembly before shipping it to your site. We set up the project according to specifications, perform a test run to ensure functionality and document its performance. After these steps, we disassemble the project and prepare it for shipping.
  • On-site final assembly: Our field team can assemble your project on-site to deliver the results you need from your machinery or system. Following specifications, we can complete the entire assembly process so you can immediately integrate the results into your facility or operations.
  • Sub-assembly and delivery: Depending on your project and specifications, we can sub-assemble your parts and deliver them to your site. This service can save you time on full assembly while offering the convenience of delivery.

The Benefits of
Assembly and Installation Services With Waycon

Partner with Waycon Manufacturing to get the following benefits from our assembly and installation services:

One-Stop Shop for Metal Fabrication Processes

We provide assembly, testing and installation are the final steps of our manufacturing and engineering process before we ship the results to the client. As a one-stop shop, services Waycon provides before assembly can include design, material sourcing, CNC cutting, CNC machining, forming, welding, sandblasting and painting.

Quality Control and Plug-and-Play Configuration

Our testing and assembly processes make your fabrication as ready-to-use as you need to optimize its integration into your operations or facility. We perform all final testing to ensure plug-and-play setup. If necessary, we can visit your site to ensure we deliver the final product to your specifications. Through custom processes, the Waycon assembly team can maximize your uptime and cost savings.

Experienced Industrial Manufacturers

Comprehensive Delivery

We handle all aspects of delivery logistics worldwide - handling, brokerage, arranging freight and on-time arrival. We have a large network of freight partners to be able to deliver parts no matter the location and offer quick turnaround times.

Partner with Waycon for
Assembly and Installation Projects

We closely collaborate with all of our clients to go beyond the results they specify. At Waycon, we handle every part of your project from start to finish to save you cost and downtime. Learn more about our services by scheduling a free consultation today.

The Waycon assembly team consists of experienced metal assemblers and fabricators ready to perform all steps needed to begin machinery or system operation. Their mechanical expertise enables them to assemble motors, pumps, belts and other electrical and mechanical components. Our field crew has multiple trucks and advanced equipment for on-site installation and system integration. They can perform mechanical assembly, fabrication and welding at your site to complete all setup procedures.

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