Top-of-the-line CNC machines for plasma and water jet cutting. We work to reduce cutting costs while boosting manufacturing quality and productivity.

Our extensive CNC machine shop is led by a group of highly experienced Red Seal machinists backed by commitment to quality and precision.

Using CNC and other technologies, we can complete press braking, roll forming and stamping. Our metal forming experts work with metals such as carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Our 33,400 square foot facility uses a variety of metal types in fabrication. To provide high-quality, abrasion-resistant solutions, we proudly partner with Hardox and Strenx.

Waycon Manufacturing handles a custom variety of welding manufacturing projects. We execute carbon steel welding, aluminum welding, and stainless steel welding.

Our painters can handle any specifications for OEMs and industrial businesses to your exact specification.

We offer assembly and installation as part of our end-to-end fabrication solutions for businesses in all of the industries we serve.

Industrial Solutions

We are focused on building long-term partnerships.