Our extensive CNC machine shop is led by a group of highly experienced Red Seal machinists backed by commitment to quality and precision.

We have an opportunity for a CNC Lathe Machinist to join our 4/10 afternoon shift. Suitable candidates will require experience programming and operating CNC lathes machinery, distinct advantage Haas lathes. Should be physically fit, enjoy taking pride in work and have strong attention to detail to be able to meet our standards in quality and safety.



  • Safety first mindset.
  • Ability to read blueprints and part drawings.
  • Mastercam and setup of CNC Lathe Machines.
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues with cut quality and\or cutting efficiency.

Job Duties:

  • Program, set up and run parts on Haas CNC lathes.
  • Review drawings in metric and standard.
  • Inspect finished parts for quality and blueprint accuracy.
  • Oversee machine maintenance.
  • Use of overhead crane.

Job Requirements:

  • 5 years’ proven experience working as a CNC Machinist. 
  • Advantage programming, set-up and operating Lathe Haas
  • Thorough knowledge of and MASTERCAM 
  • Creative and proven problem-solving ability.
  • Mechanically inclined, precision, and excellent attention to detail.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Self-motivated team player.

This is a 4/10 afternoon shift. We offer an excellent total compensation package which includes, afternoon shift premium, and a comprehensive benefits plan. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Waycon handles a vast spectrum of advanced and common CNC machining projects achieving tolerances of +/- .0005 of an inch. The Waycon machining department includes CNC turning centres, CNC mills and four-Axis and five-Axis boring machines.

We have an opportunity for a Red Seal Machinist to join our team.

CNC machinists at Waycon deliver custom parts, machinery and equipment for various industries, including industrial construction, forestry, energy, agriculture, mining and more. A Red Seal CNC machinist works under the guidance of our Lead Machinist and uses our advanced lathes, mills and other machines to produce precision parts.

Our CNC machinist jobs in Penticton, BC, require creativity and dedication to Waycon's mission. We want devoted, meticulous CNC machinists to maintain our reputation and deliver the high-performance parts we're known for.

CNC machining equipment

CNC Machinist Job Description

Waycon's CNC machinist jobs in BC require high-level knowledge of computer-aided manufacturing software. These professionals plan programming techniques and complete the necessary setups for custom manufactured components. Our CNC machinists must understand project specifications and be able to meet them.

While a thorough understanding of complex CNC processes is a must, our CNC machinist jobs in BC also require an eye for quality control. A Red Seal CNC machinist will maintain consistent design and operating standards across our wide range of advanced equipment. At Waycon, we employ CNC machinists who have an eye for detail and a passion for custom manufacturing to drive our production processes.

The Red Seal CNC Machinist's Roles and Responsibilities

A Red Seal CNC machinist interprets designs and determines the necessary tools and fixtures required to complete the job. These certified professionals also collaborate with our project engineers and other lead team members to maintain a unified plan for every project.

Red Seal CNC Machinists in our shop are responsible for monitoring machine and tooling health and performance to ensure everything runs smoothly. As these technical experts work with our advanced machinery, they modify machine settings as needed to maintain tight tolerances and meet project specs. At the end of the machining phase, these employees inspect finished products to ensure quality and uniformity.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

Our CNC machinists in BC require a Journeyperson certification, technical skills and a deep understanding of mechanical processes. These professionals must be familiar with CNC equipment, shop equipment and hand tools. Workers in this position need a good eye for detail, as they work within tight tolerances every day.

A CNC machinist must be able to interpret blueprints to deliver a matching physical product, and they should have a strong understanding of GCode to create and edit programs.

Why Work at Waycon?

Waycon offers a variety of work within our skilled industrial team. Our machining department is loaded with extensive cnc machinery and tools to take on interesting jobs. The CNC machinists at our company have the opportunity to develop their technical skills and work on projects for an array of industries. As these professionals build up their experience, they can enjoy cross training and career growth within the company with apprenticeship opportunities.

We also offer competitive wages and insurance for our team members.

If you're looking to further your CNC machinist career, turn to Waycon. Apply for the Red Seal Journeyperson CNC Machinist position today.

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