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Welder, Waycon Manufacturing

About the job

Waycon Manufacturing is led by a group of experienced engineers and trades people equipped with extensive tooling and equipment.  

Our welding fabrication capabilities consist of carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum. We have our CSA standard W47.1 fusion welding of steel and W47.2 fusion welding of aluminum and have dedicated carbon and stainless steel department specializing in design, manufacturing and installation of a variety of industrial equipment and machinery.

We are looking for an experienced Journeyman Welder to join our team. Suitable candidates should be capable of welding various types of metals and welding processes with a minimum of 3 years welding experience, take pride in work, and have strong attention to detail to be able to meet our standards in quality and safety. 



Job Duties

Job Qualifications

Waycon Manufacturing handles a variety of welding manufacturing projects. We execute high-quality and safety-certified welding on carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Between our knowledgeable team and multitude of certified welding procedures, we can handle welding and fabrication projects of almost any scope.


Why Work at Waycon?

Waycon offers a variety of work within our skilled industrial team. Our fabrication and welding department is loaded with extensive tools and expertise to take on interesting jobs. The welders at our company have the opportunity to develop their technical skills and work on projects for an array of industries. As these professionals build up their experience, they can enjoy cross training and career growth within the company. 

We offer competitive wages and health insurance for our team members.

If you’re looking to further your welding career, turn to Waycon. 


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