Waycon Manufacturing partners with mechanical engineering firms around the world to build designs to their exact specifications. We specialize in the procurement, logistics, engineering support, metal fabrication and installation of parts, equipment and machinery.

Prototype Building and Manufacturing for Engineering Firms

Our build to print services for engineering firms focus on quality results that improve the end user's efficiency. Waycon engineers and manufacturers will review your drawings and specifications in detail and perform the build in-house. Your Waycon project manager will maintain constant communication with you to ensure we meet your project goals.

Waycon Works With You to Ensure Satisfaction

When we take on a mechanical engineering project, we consider ourselves an extension of the client's business. As our client, your success is our success. If you're designing a product for a specific site, our engineers can perform a walkthrough to ensure we build to your precise needs. Before shipping your product, we'll thoroughly test it to verify it functions as intended.

Design Privacy and Safety

At Waycon, we understand the importance of protecting your mechanical design information. To keep your drawings safe, we only use secure, high-performance machining software in our manufacturing operations. We make designs compatible with our manufacturing equipment using SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. For projects that involve machining, we convert the design with Mastercam machining software. You can rest assured that we'll keep your design private and safe from being stolen or copied.

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The Advantages of Partnering With Waycon
as Your Mechanical Fabricators

Engineering firms across the globe depend on Waycon for build to print services because of our experience, comprehensive solutions, prototype protection and convenient location.

Extensive Experience and In-House Engineers

Our building experience and in-house engineering support allow us to adapt projects as needed to meet your design goals. If any issues arise as we build from your drawings, our teams will work with you to make changes that align with your original intentions. As we progress through your project, we can also suggest changes to make the final product more efficient for your end-user.

One-Stop Shop

By combining the capabilities of our project management, engineering and manufacturing teams, we can deliver an end-to-end fabrication solution that will save you time and money. Since every step happens in the same facility, you'll save on costs compared to hiring separate services. Close coordination among our teams enables us to give the client maximum control over the build to print process. As our client, you'll have a dedicated project manager who will serve as your point of contact for all of our services.

Prototype Protection and Confidentiality

Our team frequently works with businesses that have confidential information and Waycon has measures in place to ensure the utmost privacy. When you bring your drawing to Waycon, you know it will be in safe hands and built to exact specifications.

Convenient Location for Engineers Around the World

Our facility's proximity to the United States border allows us to ship products across North America and worldwide. Shipping trucks can visit our location and easily get back on the main highway. Our logistics experts will carefully manage your supply chain to optimize cost savings and shipping speed.

Choose Waycon for Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing