Waycon Manufacturing has the manufacturing capabilities to perform end-to-end build to print manufacturing for equipment and systems in green waste management and biomass. We take your design package and follow your exact specifications to deliver equipment that will improve safety and efficiency.

Every build at Waycon Manufacturing begins with an in-depth consultation where we establish your needs and expectations. Once we understand what you want from your biomass or waste management equipment, we create a project plan that accounts for every detail involved in build planning, execution and delivery.

Waycon Specialized Solutions for
Environmentally Focused Businesses

The environmentally focused businesses that we partner with specialize in green waste management and biomass solutions. We build equipment and systems from client drawings for fabrication and procurement processes.

Build to Print Manufacturing for Waste Management

For clients in biomass and waste management, we specialize in completing build to print projects. Our manufacturers will execute your design in our facility with support from our engineering team in adapting your drawing to our equipment.

The advantages of our build to print services include:

  • Decades of experience working with client drawings in industries with high standards for safety and quality
  • Dedication to client satisfaction through close communication through every step of a project
  • High-quality materials sourced from a well-established supplier network

The Advantages of Working With Waycon
as a Manufacturing Partner

At Waycon, we specialize in custom builds that implement the client's goals and preferences into every aspect of manufacturing.

Highly Experienced and Reliable Fabricators

The Waycon fabrication and welding teams have decades of experience in manufacturing custom builds from pre-existing drawings. Our engineers understand how to adapt existing designs to our fabrication processes and integrate our builds into client equipment systems.

Your One-Stop Shop for Equipment Fabrication

As your end-to-end fabrication partner, we have the project management, engineering support, logistics, procurement, welding, fabrication and assembly capabilities to handle every step of your project. We can deliver specialty equipment, custom equipment, conveyor systems and processing equipment. Our fabrication and welding shops also have CSA certification to W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel and W47.2 Fusion Welding of Aluminum in addition to carbon steel certifications.

Plug-and-Play Design

Before delivering a build to a client's site, we assure plug-and-play setup through meticulous assembly and testing. After completing a thorough quality assurance process, we can bring the final build to your site for custom integration into your system.

Quality Assurance in Every Project

Our custom build capabilities include quality assurance processes tailored to the client's expectations and specifications. We can adapt our testing processes to ensure your final build meets your industry's energy or green certification regulations.

Get a Free Consultation

Learn how we can leverage our build to print capabilities for your equipment or system design by requesting a free consultation.

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