Metal Forming Capabilities

Using CNC and other technologies, we can complete press braking, roll forming and stamping. Our metal forming experts work with metals such as carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Learn more about our metal forming centre's capabilities:

CNC Sheet Metal Forming Equipment - Brake Press

Durma AD-R 37175 

  • 170 Tonne
  • 12 ft. bed
  • 1/16" radius punch
  • 3/8" punch
  • 1/4" punch
  • Multi-dye set
  • Designed for light gauge applications
  • Quick and efficient

Durma AD-R 48320

  • 350 Tonne
  • 14 ft. bed
  • 4 axis
  • 4", 3", 2" and 1.5" openings
  • Multi-dye set
  • Built for heavy duty applications
  • High-quality bends
  • Equipped for production runs


  • 500 Tonne
  • 16 ft. bed
  • 6" V or box opening
  • Bottom-dye capable of large radius
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications

Advantages of
Metal Forming Services

The benefits of working with Waycon on your next metal forming project include:

Efficiency & Accuracy

Between our skilled brake press operators and equipment, we produce accurate and efficient bends. When you partner with Waycon your formed part will have a clean, straight, even profile to exact specification.


There's no real limit to how much we can bend. Waycon has three pieces of forming equipment ranging from 170 to 500 tonne for a large variety of bends to get the profile and accuracy required.

High-Quality Product

Our brake press operators are welders and fitters by trade. They have extensive knowledge and years of experience in custom metal forming and sheet metal bending of all varieties. Our team takes pride not only in your final part's functionality, but also it's aesthetic appeal. We stand by everything we build.

Advanced Equipment

Our CNC forming equipment is advanced for the industry enables our skilled team to operate the machinery efficiently and accurately. We have the ability to input a variety of profiles into our machines for seamless information flow between equipment. We can make changes in real-time to ensure the highest quality formed part.

Partner With Waycon Manufacturing for
Metal Forming Services

At Waycon, we believe your success is our success. We perform a variety of metal forming processes for standard and custom manufacturing projects whether you need a contract manufacturer for short to long production runs or a one-off custom forming project. We work with a variety of materials and we can bend up to 1 inches thick and 16 feet long, commonly bending 0.5 inches thick and 10 feet long.

We understand the importance of meeting your specifications for safety and efficiency. To ensure we can exceed your expectations, we connect you with a project manager who will maintain frequent communication with you during your project. At Waycon Manufacturing, you may request metal forming as a single service or as part of an end-to-end fabrication project. Contact our team today to discuss your project with one of our experts during a free consultation.

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