Custom Machine
Design and Build

Our custom build services enable businesses in mining, automotive, agriculture, energy/environment, gas, government, sawmills, architecture, construction and forestry to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of their operations. We custom manufacture parts, equipment and machinery such as custom industrial equipment and automation machines.

As a custom build client, you will be involved in every step of your project. We begin with a consultation where we establish your project goals, scope and specifications. If necessary, we visit your site to understand your equipment and facility. Then, our engineers design your machinery, equipment or component based on your input and specifications. Once we have a design that meets your requirements, our manufacturing team fabricates and assembles it using the highest quality materials procured through our suppliers.

Benefits of Custom Build Services
at Waycon Manufacturing

When you partner with Waycon for custom manufacturing, you'll experience benefits such as:

End-to-End Fabrication

Our advanced capabilities in engineering, design, manufacturing, procurement, logistics and project management enable us to deliver end-to-end custom fabrication. We have dedicated engineering, manufacturing and project management teams that will collaborate with you on your part, equipment or machinery. Since all these teams work in-house, we offer consistent results throughout the engineering and manufacturing processes.

Parts, Equipment and Machinery Developed for Your Operation

We specialize in tailoring projects to a company's equipment and facilities. Our customers receive solutions that integrate with their existing workflow and improve their processes. For many projects, our team members visit the client's site to determine their facility and equipment specifications. The custom build process includes your input throughout every step of the project to ensure the results exceed your expectations.

Focus on Improving Quality and Safety

From custom automated manufacturing equipment to specialized parts, our projects focus on improving your operations' quality, output and safety. We base our custom components, equipment and machinery on the client's existing processes and project goals. Starting with your current facility's specifications, we develop a product that enables you to deliver the highest quality results.

High-Quality Materials

Top-quality materials enable us to get the most out of our meticulous engineering and manufacturing processes. We have a well-established supplier network for reliable materials such as SSAB Hardox and Strenx plate. These relationships also help us lower material costs and transfer the savings to you.

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