Define Project
& Scope

Our Project Engineers will work with you to help achieve your fruit processing goals. First, we define the scope of work, specifications and deliverables. We will conduct on-site visits to evaluate current performance, plant layouts and the requirements to achieve system integration and quality end-product built to exact specification.

Design &

All projects are custom-built to maximize productivity and minimize operation costs. Our engineering group handles all aspects of engineering and designing of structures, fruit processing equipment, turnkey systems and system integration coupled with our skilled manufacturing team who will ensure quality workmanship.

Delivery &
On-Site Installation

Waycon conducts pre-assembly and testing in-house to ensure a smooth on-site installation after delivery. We can handle the logistics of projects of just about any scope, small to large, locally in the Okanagan or across the US-Canadian boarder. We take care of on-site installation ensuring your facility and equipment come together seamlessly.


Manufacturing and installation of fresh fruit processing equipment and turnkey systems. We can deliver anything from the creation of specialized machinery to the design of entire plant layouts, including preparation, processing and cooling systems.


Our engineers know how to develop products with manufacturability built into the design. They can provide engineering support, reverse engineering, prototyping or equipment-specific design.

Industrial Solutions

We are focused on building long-term partnerships.