Our CNC Custom
Metal Cutting Equipment

Waycon uses top-of-the-line CNC machines for plasma and water jet cutting. We work to reduce cutting costs while boosting manufacturing quality and productivity.

Learn more about our equipment and software:

CNC Plasma Table STI-200-HDCNC

  • Maximum Thickness - 1.5"
  • Maximum Width - 8 ft W x 24 L (2 tables)
  • Weight Capacity - 10,000 lbs
  • Uses Burny 10 LCD Plus controls and ProNest software
  • Creates efficient clean cuts up to 35 inches/min on 1.5" steel plate
  • Averages 22 ga to 1.5" thick for metals including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum (thicker if required)
  • Can cut with 2 Oxy-Acetylene Cutting heads up cut up to 6"
  • In-house lifting capacity for secure transportation of the material for CNC plasma cutting

Waterjet Cutter Flow Mach 3 4020B

  • Maximum Thickness - 6"
  • Maximum Width - 6 ft W x 12 ft L
  • Machine Dimensions - X-Axis 6' / Y-Axis 12' / Z-Axis 6"
  • Weight Capacity - 6,000 lbs
  • Creates precise, clean cuts with tight tolerances
  • Can cut into plastics, wood, ceramics and metal types such as carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Uses garnet abrasive
  • C/W Flow Master PC Based Controller

Band Saw Model Hydmech S-20A

  • Maximum Thickness - 13"
  • Maximum Width - 18"
  • Machine Dimensions - 93"W x 86"L x 52"H
  • Automatic scissor style band saw
  • Highly skilled Band Saw Operator with over 30 years of experience
  • Creates accurate square and rectangular cuts
  • Cut on a wide range of materials - carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic
  • Ideal for light to heavy duty applications

Benefits of
CNC Cutting Services

The advantages of partnering with Waycon for CNC cutting include:

Material Flexibility

We can cut and work with a custom variety of steel plate sizes and materials. We can handle metals in all grades (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze) as well as plastics, wood and ceramics.

Reduced Cost

Industry-standard ProNest professional nesting software takes parts from engineer drawings to select plate thickness and size. The program then identifies cutting patterns to maximize the cut on every plate of steel for a lower end-cost to you.

Cutting Speed

Our STI-200-HD plasma table efficiently cuts up to 35 inches per minute on a 1.5 thick steel plate.

Cutting Accuracy

Flow Mach 3 4020B waterjet produces accurate and clean cuts. Ease of clean up enhances manufacturing efficiency for a lower end-cost to you.

Partner with Waycon for
CNC Metal Cutting

At Waycon Manufacturing, we use CNC cutting to produce efficient and accurate clean cuts for a wide variety of light and heavy-duty applications. The precision of CNC technology and our machine operator's years of experience allows us to provide a wide range of custom cutting options.

You can request CNC cutting as one aspect of our versatile metal cutting and manufacturing capabilities ranging from single parts to entire systems, including components, machinery and equipment. Our capabilities include project planning, product design, complete end-to-end sheet metal fabrication including engineering, procurement, assembly and shipping. You may request some or all of these services to streamline your project workflow and free up your organization's resources. Contact us today!

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