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Unlock a world of opportunity in Penticton, BC, where your expertise in industrial manufacturing is highly valued. Waycon Manufacturing, situated in the heart of this vibrant city, stands as a testament to excellence and innovation. As architects of world-class equipment, parts, and machinery, we present dynamic job openings tailored for the adept and ambitious. Join our team and contribute to a legacy of quality, efficiency, and safety that resonates across North America.

Showcase your skills in a career with Waycon Manufacturing, where creativity meets craftsmanship.

A Career Journey

More Than Just A Job

Embarking in a career with Waycon Manufacturing offers more than just a way to make a living — it’s a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Here are some of the advantages that come with being part of our dedicated team:

Learn From The Best

Collaborate with a team of seasoned engineering and manufacturing experts.

Competitive Compensation

Receive a wage that truly reflects your skills and dedication.

Robust Health Benefits

Your well-being is always prioritized with comprehensive health and medical benefit packages.

Apprenticeship Programs

Lay the groundwork for a flourishing career with our apprenticeship programs.

Growth & Development

Benefit from cross-training opportunities, ensuring you’re always evolving and advancing in your field.

Professional Development

For those seeking to study at BCIT, Waycon steps in to assist with expenses, ensuring a brighter future for our team members.

Training For Immigrants

We believe in talent, regardless of borders. That’s why we provide essential training to bridge gaps between international skills & credentials.

Additional Premiums

We value your time and additional skills, offering higher rates for those with first aid and on afternoon shifts.

Our Vision

Waycon Manufacturing precision engineering manufacturer CNC machining

Waycon aims to be a leader in precision manufacturing; setting new benchmarks in quality and innovation, and pioneering the next era of manufacturing excellence.

Our Mission

Waycon Manufacturing Mission Vision Testimonial

At Waycon, our mission is to consistently deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and trailblazing solutions, fostering strong partnerships and enhancing industry standards.

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Join Waycon Manufacturing and be part of a legacy that takes pride in what it builds and cherishes the people who make it all possible.