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Waycon Manufacturing is a trusted provider of fabricated metal components and welded sub-assemblies. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering support, state-of-the-art CNC machining, and multistage processing capabilities to meet the diverse needs of original equipment manufacturers and contractors. With our manufacturing experience, tooling, and equipment, we ensure consistent quality and precision in every project we undertake.

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Our Capabilities

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We offer a wide range of in-house capabilities that enable us to deliver high-quality, customized industrial solutions to our valued customers.

By harnessing cutting-edge CNC cutting machines, we guarantee precise and accurate material cutting.

With our extensive expertise and equipment capable of handling up to 500 tonnes, we can expertly bend and shape various materials to meet your desired configurations.

Our streamlined assembly process guarantees efficient product assembly, swiftly followed by timely shipping, ensuring your specific deadlines are met.

Equipment & Machinery

The Right Equipment for the Job

Waycon Manufacturing uses its CNC machinery and equipment to accomplish the exact specs for each project.

Our CNC machining capabilities set us apart. With one of Western Canada’s largest machine shops, our facility is equipped with lathes, mills, and horizontal boring machines. Utilizing advanced CNC machinery, tooling, and Mastercam software, we consistently achieve precise specifications for projects of any complexity.

From Vision to Precision

Tailored Solutions Across Industries

Waycon Manufacturing Careers

Custom Builds,
Custom Careers.

We value work ethic and character just as much as skill, as we believe that hiring the right personality for our operations is key to success. Our team thrives in a collaborative environment where we strive to surpass client expectations and achieve exceptional results.

As we continue to grow, we are constantly seeking skilled professionals across various disciplines to join our team. Whether you are a junior machinist or a seasoned CNC machinist, fabricator, mechanical engineer, we are eager to connect with individuals who are passionate about manufacturing.

Our Products

Your One-Stop Innovation Shop

Pioneering our own lines of proprietary equipment, ranging from fresh fruit processing to excavator conversions, Waycon doesn’t just manufacture – we innovate. Search our collection of signature pre-built solutions.

Forestry Cabs

We manufacture purpose-built, heavy-duty forestry cabs and excavator conversions for various operations. Available in Standard Cab, Side Entry, and Rear Entry options.

In-Motion Weigh Conveyor

Accurately captures the weight of products as they are introduced onto the packing line. A smaller footprint and captures accurate weight data at a high throughput.

Bin Drencher

Removes heat from fruit placed in drencher bins, slowing their respiration. This allows the fruit to be staged effectively for processing.

Hydro Cooling System

Rapidly cools produce in order to arrest natural respiration and maximize shelf life. Generally integrated as a step into a larger process in a packing plant.

5th Wheel Slide

Built to withstand heavy loads in any weather condition. Self-cleaning outside rail tooth design and UMHW inserts enable smooth sliding even with extreme weights.

Bin Dumper

Waycon’s cherry bin dumper is a robust and cost-effective solution for introducing bulk cherries to your packing line.

From Concept to Creation