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From crafting stainless steel systems that handle fresh fruit with utmost care to designing large-scale sorting facilities, we’ve been at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Our seasoned project engineers are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your vision comes to life just the way you imagined. Whether it’s a custom box conveying system, gravity rollers, or sorting tables, we’ve got the expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to make it happen.

Purpose-built Agricultural products

Hydro Cooling System

Hydrocooling is the process of rapidly cooling produce after harvest, in order to arrest natural respiration and maximize shelf life. This is achieved by circulating large volumes of near freezing water over the product in a controlled environment, generally integrated as a step in a larger process in a packing plant.

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We hold CWB certification in both aluminum and stainless steel, guaranteeing that our products are not only efficient but also of the utmost quality. Whether you aim to enhance your food processing operations or seek a reliable partner who genuinely prioritizes your success, Waycon is dedicated to meeting your needs. We are here to provide exceptional solutions and support your journey towards excellence.

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In-Motion Weigh Conveyor

Accurately captures the weight of products as they are introduced onto the packing line. A smaller footprint and captures accurate weight data at a high throughput.

Bin Drencher

Removes heat from fruit placed in drencher bins, slowing their respiration. This allows the fruit to be staged effectively for processing.

Hydro Cooling System

Rapidly cools produce in order to arrest natural respiration and maximize shelf life. Generally integrated as a step into a larger process in a packing plant.

Bin Dumper

Waycon’s cherry bin dumper is a robust and cost-effective solution for introducing bulk cherries to your packing line.

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