At Waycon Manufacturing, we design, manufacture and install parts, machinery and equipment for businesses in forestry and logging. We deliver end-to-end fabrication solutions using our custom capabilities.

Waycon Specialized Solutions for Dealers, OEMs and Logging Contractors

From your component, equipment or machinery’s raw materials to its finished form, we will focus on improving your operational quality and efficiency. Our services include complete machine disassembly and custom parts manufacturing. During this process, we will carefully disassemble your equipment and analyze it to create a custom part that improves its performance and expands its capabilities for efficiency and productivity. We can fabricate equipment like the following for your forestry operations:

  • Forestry Cabs: Our forestry cabs include side entry, rear entry and FOPS cab guards also available. We partner with OEMs to design and build custom cabs with additional features for safe performance in rugged environments. Waycon engineers design each of these cabs for Hyundai, Doosan, Sennebogen and Volvo to fit OEM specifications, we also work with OEM parts such as controls and wiring to ensure your forestry machines are fully reconfigured and ready to get to work safely.
  • Complete excavator conversions: Choose from excavator conversions that include risers, counter weight with integrated fuel tank, armored engine hood, side guarding, safety hand rails, belly pans and catwalks to ensure the machine and operator is safe.
  • Processing heads: We design and manufacture lumber processing heads to improve the logger’s efficiency by processing every part of the wood. Our engineers and manufacturers will create a head suitable for the type of wood that you handle.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: We design and build parts, attachments, boom and stick components, hydraulics, buckets and winch systems for the forest industry.

Waycon Keeps Heavy Machine Operators Safe While Boosting Efficiency

We perform end-to-end manufacturing for the forestry industry with operator safety and operational efficiency in mind. Our custom capabilities enable us to design and build heavy equipment, machinery or components that you can integrate into your workflow. By tailoring your solution to your operational goals, we can help you improve safety and efficiency. Logging & Forestry Equipment Design and Built by Waycon

The Advantages of Partnering With Waycon
as Your Equipment Supplier

Forestry and logging businesses in North America and around the world count on Waycon for equipment and machinery parts because of our equipment manufacturing expertise, custom options, end-to-end solutions and safety and compliance.

Forestry and Logging Is Our Area of Expertise

We understand the needs of businesses in forestry and logging. As an OEM ourselves, we know the challenges involved in designing, building and operating logging equipment. Our engineers and fabricators streamline the process by offering a wide range of features, such as options for hardwood and softwood processing.

Custom Engineering Support

Our engineering crew can work with you to adapt your solution to an OEM machine. We have an extensive range of products available that we can customize to fit your specifications. These custom options include miscellaneous forestry and logging equipment like booms and sticks, hydraulics and cylinders.

End-to-End Manufacturing

When you work with Waycon, you’ll get all of the advantages that come with our one-stop shop. Our team includes project managers, logistics coordinators, procurers, engineers and fabricators who can handle every step of your next project. With all processes happening in the same facility, you’ll experience better cost and labor efficiency than you would with separate services.

Safety and Compliance

From manufacturing to operation, we will promote safety in all stages of your solution’s life cycle. Our in-house welders use more than 70 procedures to ensure they follow safety protocols. We utilize tough materials such as structural steel to build power equipment suitable for forestry and logging conditions.

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