Clients in the mining industry partner with Waycon Manufacturing for the design, project planning and manufacturing of support structures, conveyors, silos and custom mining equipment parts. Our end-to-end capabilities enable you to coordinate engineering, logistics, manufacturing and installation through a single point of contact.

Waycon Mining Equipment Fabrication
and Construction for Mining Companies

We specialize in small to larger capital projects such as mining conveyor systems, steel support structures, processing and material handling equipment and silos. Our engineers and manufacturers help mining clients improve efficiency and safety. We process using our cutting-edge CNC burning, machining, fabrication, welding, forming, bending, paint and assembly capabilities. We are aluminum and steel certified to CSA standard W47.1, W47.2 and AWS code WM2-1.1 and WM2-1.2.

Our Manufacturing Abilities

Our fabrication capabilities for the mining industry include:

  • Material handling parts, equipment and systems
  • Silo and discharge conveyor
  • Pump / access platforms
  • Support structures
  • Miscellaneous metal fabrication such as walkways, catwalks, handrails and stairs
mining equipment manufacturing

In 2009 and 2019, Kinross Gold Corporation, a mining company with global operations, awarded us the contracts for a discharge conveyor and lime silo. The 12' diameter and 60' high steel silo features a valve, load piping and cone vibrator. The 2'6" wide, 65' long belt conveyor includes a walkway, conveyor hoods and a clamshell actuator.

Case Study: Kinross Gold Corporation Lime Silo and Discharge Conveyor

Your One-Stop Shop for
Mining Equipment Parts, Systems and Structures

At Waycon, we can work with your team as a one-stop shop for a custom metal fabrication project designed to exceed your operational goals. You can consult us for a build-to-print part, machine or structure as well as a project designed by our engineering team. From shop drawings to design, engineering to build and build to delivery, we focus on optimizing safety, efficiency and quality.

The Advantages of Choosing Waycon
as Your Industrial Solution Partner

When you partner with us as your metal fabricators, we set ourselves apart from the competition through our client-centred project management process, precision manufacturing and industrial-grade materials.

Customizable Builds

Waycon engineers and fabricators have the expertise and custom capabilities to deliver specialty builds tailored to your specifications. Our engineering team can visit your site to design a structure, system or part that will integrate into your existing operations.

Long-Term Partnership

As part of our client-focused project management services, we partner you with a dedicated project manager who serves as your point of contact throughout all of your Waycon services. We consider every build to be a critical element of an ongoing business relationship with the customer.

Quality and Efficiency to Maintain Your Production

We can tailor the assembly and installation process to your operations to maintain up time as we integrate your part, system or structure into your existing operation. Your project manager and installation team will work with you to keep production going during project delivery.

Reliable Materials

To provide systems, parts and structures with extreme abrasion resistance, we proudly implement materials such as Hardox and Strenx wear plate.

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