Waycon Manufacturing performs gas and oil refinery part, system and equipment fabrication and welding using materials with high wear performance. At Waycon, we specialize in the timely delivery of build-to-print projects for the oil and gas industry. Our end-to-end project management, fabrication, welding, assembly and installation capabilities enable clients to depend on us as their single-source manufacturer.

Custom Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing

We manufacture a wide scope of oil and gas fabrication projects, ranging from gas and oil field parts to custom equipment systems. Our capabilities include:

  • Structural steel fabrication for high wear performance.
  • Pipe handling equipment and systems.
  • Deadline and deadman anchors.
  • Hoisting systems.
  • Directional drilling equipment.
  • Oil drilling rigs.
  • Pipe skid fabrication.
  • Transmission lines.

Continental Reach and Experience

Clients across North America can request delivery to their site from our facility in southern British Columbia, Canada. Our convenient location close to the United States-Canada border allows us to ship custom parts and equipment throughout the continent. Depending on your location, we can also perform on-site assembly and installation to promote a faster completion time.

Fast Fabrication Turnaround

When working with oil, gas, refinery and pipeline businesses, much of our work involves build-to-print projects that demand fast approval times. We have decades of experience adapting client drawings to our in-house machining, fabrication, welding and assembly processes and executing projects to the client's specifications within tight timelines.

oil and gas equipment

Your One-Stop Shop for
Oil & Gas Equipment Parts, Systems and Structures

At Waycon, we can work with your team as a one-stop shop for a custom metal fabrication project designed to exceed your operational goals. You can consult us for a build-to-print part, machine or structure as well as a project designed by our engineering team. From shop drawings to design, engineering to build and build to delivery, we focus on optimizing efficiency, safety and quality.

The Advantages of Partnering With Waycon
as Your Fabrication Company

Our extensive experience, focus on quality and safety, and end-to-end capabilities set us apart in the metal manufacturing industry.

Highly Experienced and Reliable Fabricators

At Waycon, our established presence in industrial manufacturing has earned us high-profile contracts across sectors. We apply this experience to all of our oil and gas projects, including those involving components, machinery and integrated systems.

Quality Control and Safety

The Waycon machining, fabrication, welding, finishing and assembly shop prioritizes safety and quality for the end user in every process. Our in-depth quality control procedure includes steps such as trial fit assembly and comprehensive safety testing to help you deliver a higher quality product.

One-Stop Shop

As your complete metal fabrication partner, we will work closely with your team throughout every step of project planning and execution, including manufacturing, assembly and delivery. Your Waycon project manager will partner with you to ensure your satisfaction and relay feedback during the entire process.

Breadth of Project Scopes

Due to our broad capabilities in metal manufacturing, we can handle any project scope from a one-off build to an ongoing contract. We approach every job as a critical component of a long-term business relationship with the client.

Abrasion-Resistant Materials

We work with materials such as Hardox and Strenx structural steel plates known for their mechanical properties and advanced wear resistance. As our client, you'll have access to our well-connected supplier network to specify structural materials at bulk prices.

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