5th Wheel Slide


Designed for extreme duty, the Waycon Fifth Wheel Slider is built to withstand heavy loads in any weather condition. Its self-cleaning outside rail tooth design, combined with UMHW inserts, enables smooth sliding even with extreme weights. With the Waycon Slider, you have the flexibility to choose the fifth wheel that suits your needs, as the top of the slider plate is designed to accommodate all brands of wheels.

  • QT100 Steel Sliders
  • QT100 Steel Locking Teeth
  • Recessed, stainless Steel Double Acting Cylinder
  • Teeth Mounted on outside makes them self-cleaning
  • Safety Spring
Lasting Quality

Two Decades of Field Testing

The construction of our slides is of the highest quality, with all major components, including the teeth and dogging system, casted for maximum durability. With over two decades of field testing, our extreme duty slide design has proven its reliability.

Heavy Duty Configuration, rated up to 85,000kg
Teflon wear pads for easy slide under load
Easy Installation
Heavy Duty Standard 50” of travel (custom lengths available)
Self-cleaning outside rail tooth design
Waycon Fifth Wheel Slider Advanced engineering CNC machining
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