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A bin drencher is a specific type of hydrocooler. In a cherry processing plant, it is usually the first piece of equipment that the fruit will come in contact with. The fruit will arrive to the processing facility in bins. Stacks of these bins will be conveyed through the drencher to remove some of the field heat from the fruit and slow the fruits respiration. This allows the fruit to staged effectively for processing.

Technical Specifications
  • Machines are of stainless-steel construction.
  • Plastic modular belt or NP chain conveyors depending on application.
  • Insulated tank, upper structure and doors, with ACM exterior cladding.
  • High flow, full stainless construction water pumps.
  • Copper direct expansion cooling coils with stainless steel distribution trays to ensure even flow. The refrigeration condenser will be located at the closest possible location on the exterior of the building
  • Infeed, outfeed, and transition conveyors can be configured to suit facility.
  • Accumulation rollers on off-end to collect water and stage bins for offload.
  • Photo-eye control systems to prevent overloading and to ensure operator safety.
  • Onboard control panel with intuitive color touchscreen display.
  • Integrated water auto-fill and remote drain functions as required.
  • Onboard water filtration.

Generally, fruit will arrive to the facility either in bulk from in half bins, or in totes which are stacked in larger bins. We can configure the machine to effectively cool stacks of either type of bin.

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