In-Motion Weigh Conveyor


Waycon’s In-Motion-Weigh conveyor was developed to accurately capture the weight of full totes of cherries as they were unloaded from bins and introduced onto the packing line. It has a smaller footprint than most comparable models on the market, while accurately capturing unit weight data at a high throughput.

Technical Specifications
  • Stainless-steel construction with plastic modular conveyor belt.
  • Throughput capacity of up to 35 units per hour.
  • +/- 0.5g accuracy.
  • Adjustable speed, with 3 pre-set run speeds.
  • Extremely small footprint, saving valuable floorspace
  • Precision servo motor drives
  • Integrated automation & controls, with intuitive color touchscreen interface
  • Easy to calibrate and tare by the operator
  • Integrated serial and ethernet date outputs to tie in with scanning and traceability systems.

No, this product could be integrated into any system that requires in-motion weight capture of boxed product, i.e. weight check/reject system in a bottling or canning facility.

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