In-Motion Weigh Conveyor System

Accurately measures and records the weight of a tote of cherries while in motion.

The In-Motion Weigh Conveyor delivers state-of-the-art automation and streamlined weighing operations for food processing in agricultural businesses. At Waycon, we offer custom engineering support and manufacturing to adapt a system to your facility and operations.

in motion weigh conveyor system waycon manufacturing

In-Motion Weigh Conveyor Specifications

Specifications for the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor include:

  • Stainless steel construction with durable plastic modular conveyor belts
  • Throughput capacity of up to 20 tons per hour
  • Adjustable speed, with 3 pre-set run speeds
  • Extremely small footprint, saving valuable floorspace
  • Precision servo motor drives
  • System can be configured to suit any plant
  • State of the art integrated automation & controls
  • 7” colour touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Easy to calibrate and tare by operator
  • Integrated serial and ethernet data outputs to tie in with scanning & tracking systems

Through automation, customization and meticulous engineering, the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor will improve your operational efficiency and product quality. We configure the system to suit any fruit processing or material handling plant according to on-site assessments and measurements. For any plant size, we design and build the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor with an extremely small footprint to optimize your facility's floor space. With the system's ethernet and serial data outputs, the user can implement the tracking or scanning system of their choice for integration with the weighing process.

During operation, the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor registers the weight of a bin as the user places it on the conveyor scale. The system passes the bins through the conveyor scale and onto the next section of the automated processing system. Intuitive features make it simple for the operator to calibrate and tare for improved weighing accuracy.

Applications for the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor include food processing for fruits such as cherries, berries and apples, as well as material handling. Our engineers and manufacturers partner with you to scale the weigh system to your facility and operation size. We have engineers ready to assess your site and develop a custom system that helps you improve operational safety and product quality.

In-Motion Conveyor Scale for Food, Material Weighing and More

Barcode & Labeling Services Offered

We work with International Bar Coding Systems and Consulting (IBC) to integrate barcoding systems into the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor. As your single point of contact for your project, we use our engineering knowledge and your feedback to develop a new barcoding system or adapt your existing inventory management process.

End-to-End Conveyor Weighing System Development

When you choose Waycon as your in-motion weighing system manufacturer, you can experience the benefits of our:

  • Extensive experience in agricultural manufacturing processes: Our decades of operation include numerous partnerships with agricultural businesses that require food processing equipment. We have experience with building specialized machinery and designing entire plant layouts that include systems for processing, preparation and cooling.
  • Certified welding shop: Our in-house welding facility has aluminum and steel certifications from the Canadian Standards Association and American Welding Society. Our certifications include AWS D1.2 Structural Aluminum, CSA W47.2 Fusion Welding of Aluminum, CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel and AWS D1.1 Structural Steel.
  • Fruit processing equipment manufacturing capabilities: In addition to the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor, we can manufacture food processing equipment such as hydrocooling systems, bin tippers, catwalks, gravity rollers and box conveying systems.

Contact our team today to request a free consultation and learn more about the In-Motion Weigh Conveyor and custom equipment for agricultural operations.