We offer commercial painting and sandblasting as part of our end-to-end manufacturing services. Our painters can handle any specifications for OEMs and industrial businesses to your exact specification.

As part of the finishing touches to your metal fabrication project, Waycon's manufacturing team will sandblast and paint the components you specify. This step occurs after the fabrication process and before assembly and shipping. During this phase, our painters will ensure that they create quality results with the finished look you require. After surface preparation, removing rust, dust, dirt and oil using abrasive blasting, we use industry-leading industrial paints such as Endura as performance coatings. Our painters perform sandblasting before all industrial painting processes to achieve a consistent and long-lasting finish.

The Benefits of
Industrial Sandblasting and Painting With Waycon

The benefits of Waycon Manufacturing painting and commercial sandblasting services include:

Efficiency and Fast Turnaround Times

Our sandblast and painting facility is 40 ft. long x 25 ft. wide featuring equipment and processes centered around efficiency. We use a heated control booth to promote a faster drying time for quicker project turnaround. The Waycon paint booth features a dust-free environment to ensure quality results every time.

Customization Options

Depending on your specifications, our painters can sandblast and paint according to your requirements. Our custom options include branded painting to align with OEM standards. Thanks to our partnerships with coating manufacturers like Endura, we can specify a paint color down to the color code. We can also add final touches such as logos, decals and specific industrial finishes like powder coating.

Quality Materials and Processes

Our painters ensure the quality of the final product through advanced paints and sandblasting procedures. We sandblast every component that we paint to ensure they outlast and outperform painted parts from other manufacturers. During the sandblasting and painting process, we'll work with the finish coating that you specify.

Advantages of the industrial coatings we use include:

  • Custom coating formulations and colors available
  • Reliable performance in abrasive, aggressive and corrosive environments
  • Extended service life and exceptional durability

Your One-Stop Shop for Metal Fabrication

Sandblasting and painting are the final steps of the pre-assembly process in our end-to-end fabrication services. Waycon painters work to deliver world-class project results for our clients.

During our comprehensive fabrication process, you will decide the painting specifications for your product or machinery. In addition to epoxy primer and paint, we work with a full range of industrial-grade specialty coatings. Our painting team has extensive experience in coating metal surfaces such as steel and aluminum.

Partner with Waycon for
Sandblast and Paint Projects

At Waycon Manufacturing, we have more than 30 years of experience in custom metal fabrication for our clients. As a partner in your success, we will work with you closely through every step of your project. To learn more about our capabilities, schedule a free consultation today.

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