Quality and Safety
Welding Standards

Waycon Manufacturing handles a custom variety of welding manufacturing projects. We execute carbon steel welding, aluminum welding, and stainless steel welding ensuring high-quality and safety standards. We specialize in flux core, metal core, MIG, TIG, stick, hardwire and full pen welding. Between our knowledgeable team and multitude of certified welding procedures, we can handle welding and fabrication projects of almost any scope.

The Waycon welding shop has Canadian Standards Association (CSA) by the CWB Group and American Welding Society (AWS) certification for all of the welding processes we perform. We maintain standards such as:

AWS D1.1 Structural Steel and D1.2 Structural Aluminum

CSA W47.1 Fusion Welding of Steel

  • Welding Process - SMAW 2.0, GMAW 3.0, FCAW 4.0, QT HSLA 5.0
  • 19 welding machines

CSA W47.2 Fusion Welding of Aluminum

  • Welding Process - GMAW A1
  • 6 welding machines

The Benefits of
Partnering With Waycon

The advantages of choosing Waycon for aluminum and stainless steel welding services include:

One-Stop Shop

Waycon is a complete metal manufacturing facility. From raw material, cut, form, machine, fit, weld, blast, paint, assemble - everything is all under one roof. We'll take care of your welding and fabrication alongside oversight of your complete project, which results in more efficient, cost-effective project delivery for our partners.

Experienced Welders

Our welders have years of experience in welding and metal fabrication. They take pride in their work and are skilled at reading blueprints in order to perform to exact specification.

Quality Control Welds

We always adhere to welding quality control procedures. Waycon is multi-faceted in the fact that we're a certified welding shop in CSA and AWS, ensuring every project is met with high-quality welds.

Extensive Welding Manufacturing Capabilities

All position welding - stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Core, Metal-Core, hardwire, full penetration (full-pen) welding and over 150 welding procedures across multiple materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Partner with Waycon for
Welding Projects

At Waycon Manufacturing, your success is our success. We give every project individualized attention by providing each customer a dedicated project manager who will assign the best welder for the job. Your project manager will serve as your single point of contact throughout our partnership, updating you on progress and accepting feedback at any time. If you need welding and metal fabrication services from a company that values its customers, contact Waycon. Reach out to our team to discuss your project with one of our experts during a free consultation.

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